03 January 2011

Random New Year-related housekeeping

It must be said: 2010 hasn't been the most impressive year for movies, and that general factoid, coupled with my general laziness, has resulted in the lack of full reviews for any of this past year's movies. However, that's not to say there hasn't been cinema of note, and indeed some movies blew me right away this year, either taking me by surprise or living up to expectations of excellence. You all know and probably have seen Toy Story 3 and The Social Network, two of my more obvious faves from this year. You may not be as aware of Winter's Bone, a vivid slice of Americana and a genuinely gritty and engaging family saga; or A Prophet, from way earlier this year, a resonant, satisfying prison story of survival and self-definition; or Mother, a Korean hybrid of luscious Hitchcockian horror and delightfully twisted dysfunctional family drama that is also beautifully shot and hauntingly acted. You should really get on that.

There is also obviously a lot of stuff I wanted to like quite a bit that didn't really measure up, like Robin Hood, Iron Man 2 (although I still liked that one more than most). And stuff that was impressive but missed the greatness boat for one reason or another, like True Grit or The Fighter or The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, which got draggier as it went along. And there was stuff that surprised me with its goodness, like the remake Let Me In or Megamind or Despicable Me.

I have a few more movies to see before I can really start in on my post of the best movies of last year, namely Black Swan, The King's Speech, Another Year, Carlos, Inside Job, and Exit Through the Gift Shop... particularly those first two. But I figured you'd appreciate catching up in the mean time. Until next post!

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