30 July 2010

Feminism & movies...

Worth a look.

The Bechdel Test for the presence of women in movies is a simple test that, perhaps not surprisingly, a lot of movies fail. Check out the link for a quick rundown of what the test is, how many movies fail it, and to generally ponder the depressing lack of female presence in cinema in general.

My take: This is funny but sad, and the test is simple and to-the-point. It also makes you realize how many movies that are supposedly geared toward women really miss the point: see most rom-coms. Also notable is the dearth of big-name female directors in movies, although Kathryn Bigelow's well-deserved Oscar win for Hurt Locker helped in a facile way. Seriously, think about it. I could probably name the female directors I could think offhand of on one hand, maybe two if I really struggle. Anyway, 'tis some food for thought.

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