04 December 2012

Chickpea and spinach 'quesa'dilla, or Mexican night--part the second!

Tried this one out tonight. It was pretty decent, although again, as with the last Mexican recipe to appear on this blog, it could have been spicier. Fair warning. Feel free to add some more peppers or chili powder or something to kick it up a notch! It was also overly filled and hard to flip, given the wonky tortilla-to-filling ratio. Also fair warning. As always, I recommend keeping a fork handy to collect any spillage from these. There will be spillage. You may also want to try cooking for longer or at a higher heat, or in a frying pan, brushing the tortillas with some oil beforehand, since they did turn out a bit dry and not as hot or crispy as they could have been. Ah well, life is an experiment. Anyhow, if you care and dare, here is how to make...

Chickpea and spinach 'quesa'dillas

Preheat oven to 350 F.  Lay out one medium (8-inch) tortilla on a cutting board. Spread with garlic white bean purée. Top with...

1/4 can (1/2 cup) or a bit less   chickpeas
1/3 cup   chopped fresh spinach
2 tbsp   red kidney beans (as usual, I say that dried, soaked, then cooked beans taste better, but I realize that's super-time-consuming for most, so if you're pressed for time, go with canned)
8   sliced pickled jalapeños
liberal dash   red pepper flakes - OR - 1/4   chopped fresh red pepper
3 tbsp   chopped green onions
dash   garlic salt
dash   black pepper

Lay out another tortilla of the same size and spread with more garlic white bean purée. Press the two tortillas firmly together and slide the whole quesadilla onto a baking sheet. Bake for 14 minutes, or until crispy and hot, flipping halfway through. Transfer to cutting board and slice into six pieces. Slide onto plate and serve with some avocado corn salsa and/or some regular salsa. (This time making the avocado-corn salsa, I added some chopped green onion in addition to the white and added a bit more olive oil, and I must say it was a lot better.) Chow down! Unh!

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