20 May 2010

Things I want to see in the Lost finale

With the upcoming Lost finale event on Sunday, here are some things I very much hope to witness. Don't let me down now, Darlton!

-Desmond kicking some more ass and looking suave as fuck doing it
-Some resolution to the time travel-related plot holes from season 5
-The big reveal of who Sideways Jack's wife is... hoping it's Juliet
-Epic concert scene involving Driveshaft and Desmond doing one big session of "Sideways enlightenment" since most of the characters are going to be there
-Richard and Frank Lapidus turning out alright
-Faraday doing something wacky
-Jack actually failing at being the candidate and someone cooler taking charge (I'm thinking Ben or maybe Hurley)
-Kate doing something worthwhile for once or else dying in an epic, Smokey manner
I may add more to this list later. Feel free to add some more items of your own in the comments. Until then, Namaste! And see you on the other side of the end of Lost (and thus, life as we know it)!

P.S.: These are just too awesome not to share...

(Click on them to see larger size images.)

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